Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cook Book that Rocks My Face Off

Ok, So I just had to share this with you! While perusing the All Recipes site. I found it..... the jewel hidden by layers and layers of tasty recipes. Know what it is? Your own customizable, full color cook book. It starts out at $29.99 with 50 recipes inside and you can add 50 more for $5! You can add recipes at any time too!

You can add recipes, take them away, even put your favorite picture on the flippin cover.
Pretty sweet huh? Now technically you could just look at the recipes online but sometimes I want to have a good old fashioned notebook in front of me or it makes a wonderful gift for a new wife or a mature one. :0)

So here's the link and a pic. Enjoy! The Best Customizable Recipe Book Ever!

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jess @ lost button studio said...

Cool find on allrecipes. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I put a bug in my husband's ear to draw up some plans for the Lego table. I'll post them on my blog if they are ever available. :o)