Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kraft Foods to the Rescue!!!

Ok, so I realized after talking with a friend that I had not posted about my favorite place to get recipes. I guess I forgot because I use it so much and it has really become second nature to just jump online and grab what I need. You guessed it (ok it was in the subject line...don't get too excited) it's Kraft Foods Recipe Site.

Here are a few reasons why I use this site time and time again:
  • They allow you to put ingredients in and vualah! You have dinner. I really like this feature and it helps when I have potatoes that will go bad it I don't use them and onions and then.... abra cadabra I get great recipes to chose from.
  • Simplicity. Ok I love to cook but I'm no Martha Stewart. I don't have time to make my own pasta for crying out load. Most meals take 30 minutes or less which makes it great for my family and for actually having time to hang out with them.
  • Food & Family Magazine. Ok, I adore this magazine , which is FREE by the way, so much that I cut out the recipes that I like from them and have put them in my own self made recipe book. Pretty impressive, right? To do it I got a folder and colored paper to tape the recipes and separated it by paper color. Very easy but sometimes you just want the recipe in paper form in stead of on a computer in your kitchen. Not to mention those who don't have room in your kitchen the homemade Kraft Recipe book is a winner.
  • Photos. I am such a visual person and almost all their recipes you can get a picture of it by rolling your mouse over top the recipe name. Well done Kraft!
  • Sorting. Once you have a list of the recipes you can sort your results by a myriad of categories. I love to sort by number of ingredients because it helps with the amount of time I will actually spend on the meal. Woo hoo for features.
  • Healthy Living Section. This is the only portion of the site I think Kraft could really work on. They've got great tools but not as many recipes as I would like to see. They have an online meal planner and workout planner to help motivate healthy eating and meal planning. It's fun to play with these tools. I wish the meal planner were more customizable but hey that's what feedback is for.
So needless to say I REALLY enjoy this site. I love that you can go to any grocery store and you can actually find what you're looking for. Now I know Kraft Foods is no Food Network but hey. I'm looking for easy and quick most of the time. While I love to cook I want to actually enjoy the time I have away from the office not dread it. So I hope you found this little ditty helpful and if you ever want to "talk kraft" you know where to find me.

Yay for Kraft!