Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Best Tool Ever!

Ok, so I am slightly addicted to hand tools. We live in an age where it isn't unheard of for a woman to know more about hand tools than her husband. That may very well be me. My husband knows lots about hand tools, don't get me wrong, but I use them on every day things while he uses them for one time projects. So the greatest tool I use (drum roll please!).........

I must admit there is wide array of projects you can do with a staple gun (not including hushing a overactive mouth). Here are a few websites I found that have simple projects (yay for simple) that you can do at home.

Tu Tu Frame
Upholstery Project
Bulletin Board
Staple Gun Bow
Lattice Projects

If there were only a few more hours in the day..... I would certainly do a few more projects. I found so many different ways to use my staple gun that I can't tell them all to you so come up with some of your own!

Happy Stapling!

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