Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A New Goal

On the road to a healthier me there are really two goals that I am working toward. The first is to lose 20 lbs before going to Sudan and Uganda with my sweet husband in November. The second is to run a 10k (what the crap am I thinking?) October 2009 in race for the cure.

I have been working out at least 3 times a week for the past 3 weeks. I have to admit I have been a bit discouraged with my results. In the first two weeks I didn't lose even 1 pound! Booooooo! But I weighed in at the beginning of this week #3 and to my little heart's delight...score 2 lbs. gone! I want just 2 lbs a week so I don't think my goal is unrealistic it has just taken a while for my body to realize what is going on. And can I tell you I feel GREAT. At first I felt crummy. Like ym body was wondering what in the world was going on. Isn't that sad but now I'm feeling great. I really do have lots of energy and while I'm not like a chiuaua on crack I'm doing pretty well I think.

Let me share with you some reasons for going down this road to health. First,to let my body know who is boss and second, to be at a health that if the Lord told me to go anywhere in the world today that I would be able to obey in my heart, mind and (you guessed it) body immediately.

This is a big step for me in radical obedience to Christ. I know I can make it and I have great friends who are backing me up and holding me accountable! Praise God for the body of Christ.

Next time you hear from me I should be a little thinner, healthier and lighter! Until then.....

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